Friday, June 3, 2016

Coast Guard Women's Service (SPAR)

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Overviews, Articles & Chronologies
SPARS: The Coast Guard Women's Reserve
Notable Coast Guard Women
A SPARs recruiting poster from World War II

Oral Histories & Other First-Person Accounts
Historic Documents, Reports & Studies

1958: "Report of the Ad Hoc Committee to Consider the Utilization of SPARS in the Coast Guard," April, 1958.

1962: "Report of the Board Convened at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, D.C. to Consider the Promotion of Active Duty Officers of the Women's Reserve," December, 1962.

1965: Coast Guard Women's Reserve Program (SPAR) recruitment documents, including COMDTINST 1130.4A SPAR 12x3 (RQ1) Enlistment Program (24 May 1965, with Enclosures);

1966: COMDTNOTE 1210 (15 August 1966) "Officers of the Women's Reserve currently serving on extended active duty; reaffirmation of policy concerning," with supporting historical documentation dating from 1962-1966.

1974: U.S. Department of the Navy's 1974 report of the evaluation of "Women Aboard USS SANCTUARY (AG 17)" in 1973. This report was utilized by the Coast Guard as they prepared to integrate women on board cutters.

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